Kas oled vähemalt 18-aastane?

Jah Ei

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Old Days


Peter the Great decided to build a military naval centre to Tallinn Port (Admiralty), the area from which numerous ditches and the river Härjapea flowed through, was nicknamed "New Holland".


Berend Heinrich Koch founded the company Koch, which was named after his son Joachim Christian Koch. The company engaged in fish and grain exports and imports amongst others, timber division sold firewood and peat.


Today's Tuukri street was named Holland street and therefore the street leading to the harbor was named Uus-Holland Street. Today’s Lootsi 10 was the Uus-Holland Street No 7 plot 304D.


Well-preserved complex of limestone warehouses in that area were built. Christian Joachim Koch’s property address was New Holland 7 (nowadays Lootsi 10).


Tallinn’s Economic and Industrial life enlivened, the Port of Tallinn became one of the fastest growing industrial areas - in addition to the Admiralty and warehouses, a variety of productions - including rope and food producers - were built there.


Until the occupation of Rebublic of Estonia, the warehouse complex belonged to the Koch family. Later the properties went from hand to hand – from Navy to the Estonian Corporate Republican Consumers Union, which rightful heir was ETK Houses.


In 1992 EV Supreme Council declared the property to be owned by Republic of Estonia. In 1996 buildings were given to RE Port of Tallinn - the plot today is divided between two owners.


Restauration of the buildings in Lootsi street started and construction lasted for two years. In 2012 Kochi Aidad were opened - Koch Brewery found a home under the same roof with Koch’s Tavern.


We came out with our first beers and kvass, which wore names Aida Dark, Aida Light and Aida Kvass – being brewed just for the Tavern. Later, when our brewery grew, products and there names changed.


Our products were made available also in 33 cl bottles – Nipperkin, Confutcius, 1872 Pilsner, Ronk, Vunk, Munk, Joachim, Nisu and Blond.


We came out with our first Special Brews – Volbriöö eccentric Special Brew 7% and Jaanipäeva (Midsummer Day) Humorous Special Brew 7% . We plan to make it a tradition to come out with 3-4 special brews a year.